Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John

Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John
Complete Explanation: Northern fears of European intervention in the Civil War on behalf of the South are manifest here. Uncle Sam, in the form of a bearded Union soldier (closely resembling Abraham Lincoln), unceremoniously routs John Bull from a fenced garden where the latter has been poaching. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, Sam warns, "John, You lost your Non-interfering Principle. I'll lay it on your back again." The American wields a large stick "Principle of Non Enterference." John Bull has a handful of cotton plants, more of which appear at right, and wears "Armstrong's Patent" cannon on his legs. (The term refers to a type of English-made gun used by the Confederates.) The artist has hidden several Negro faces in his drawings of cotton plants here. A cock with the head of French leader Napoleon III watches from his perch on the fence at left. At right stands a large scarecrow from whose arms hang the lifeless bodies of Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard and Confederate president Jefferson Davis. A plaque on the scarecrow reads, "All Persons Tresspassing These Premisses, will be punished according to Law." (click image for source)

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon
For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep to the slaughter. Romans 8:36

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker
Populist preacher William Jennings Bryan was thrice the Democratic nominee for President from 1896 -1908. The central theme of his anti-imperialist campaign was that America was falling into a trap of “financial servitude to British capital”.

Concord Battle-Ground

Concord Battle-Ground
Duty is a Mountain Death is a Feather


This blog is inspired by my grandfather's books from the 19th century. Within these books, are glimpses of a "fire in the spirit" that is all but lost in America today. The mettle/determination of a different era blazes throughout. The grotesque misinformation and disinformation that deluge our sources of knowledge today (the propaganda runs dark & deep), drove me to these 19th century texts. I was searching, desperately, for some unadulterated truths. I do think I found a few precious gems. Below, a few poems and excerpts from poems. The tragedies and injustices we witness today occurred in the past. The only difference is, today, few see. In the early days of the Republic, a disciplined and educated populace actively resisted despotism. This defiance to old world tyranny is readily identifiable in these poems. Dig the title, "crowned bloodsuckers". Do we see anything, even remotely, resembling such a ferocity of spirit today?
To John G. Palfrey ( LINK ) There are who triumph in a losing cause, Who can put on defeat, as 't were a wreath Unwithering in the adverse popular breath, Safe from the blasting demagogue's applause; 'Tis they who stand for freedom and God's laws. And so stands Palfrey now, as Marvell Stood, Loyal to Truth dethroned, nor could be wooed To trust the playful tiger's velvet paws: And if the second Charles brought in Decay Of ancient virtue, if it well might wring Souls that had broadened 'neath a noble day, To see a losel, marketable king Fearfully watering with his realm's best blood Cromwell's quenched bolts, that erst had cracked and flamed, Scaring, through all their depths of courtier mud, EUROPE"S CROWNED BLOODSUCKERS,___ how more ashamed Ought we to be, who see Corruptions flood Still rise o'er last years mark, to mine away Our brazen idol's feet of treacherous clay!
SUGGESTED BY THE GRAVES OF TWO ENGLISH SOLDIERS ON CONCORD BATTLE-GROUND. These men were brave enough, and true To the hired soldier's bull-dog creed; What brought them here they never knew, They fought as suits the English breed: They came three thousand miles, and died, To keep the PAST upon it's throne; Unheard, beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan.
Stanzas on Freedom MEN! whose boast it is that ye Come of fathers brave and free, if there breath on earth a slave,Are ye truly free and brave?If ye do not feel the chain,When it works a brother's pain,Are ye not base slaves indeed,Slaves unworthy to be freed?They are slaves who fear to speak For the fallen and the weak;They are slaves who will not choose Hatred,scoffing, and abuse,Rather than in silence shrink From the truth they needs must think;They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three.

The link ABOVE contains one of the Reverend Martin Luther King's most profound but most overlooked speeches. This speech, in all probability, got him assassinated. In it he deviated from civil rights to anti-war. This anti-war stanch upset the Military Industrial Complex.

(Of particular interest to me and relevance to this blog, is the inclusion of an excerpt from a James Russell Lowell poem that MLK so generously and warmly ended his powerful discourse with)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)
America's First ... and only Real Enemy: not the people of England, but British Monarchy.

Social Engineers Hard at it

Social Engineers Hard at it
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” — Dr. Michael Ellner

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)
Martyr's Innocence

Friday, March 21, 2014

MY CALL IN TO The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday March 13 2014: Ben F...

Check out the caller @2:39:00 it be  me!! My defense  of Hezbollah  was not as good as  I had  hoped  for. Alex  kept trying to  divert  me  away from Hezbollah  to Iran. I wish I  had  been  more  aware  of that  and chastised him  for  the  diversion. I did make in plain that Hezbollah  was  strictly a defense force and claims that they  operated  in the  west , offensively, were fallacious.


  1. Congratulations.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Hi Peter: I am getting ready to listen....
    Oh there you are :)
    Yes, I notice that regarding the switch from Hezbollah to Iran
    In fact he did it right off the bat.
    Who says they were 'hezbollah' agents?
    Because they had 'hezbollah' documents?
    Could they have been forged documents?
    Look at the Israelis with Canadian passports?
    Or passports from other countries?
    Doesn't make them Canadians
    This is why I take issue with Alex Jones, but, good for you Peter!
    Kudos and cheers

  3. I just took a few minutes to look through the 'news' of Hezbollah having sleeper cells in the US
    Using this article as an example

    It's like a loop-

    Congressman Peter King, said the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah may have “hundreds of operatives based in the United States”

    what is he basing this claim on?

    someone from Charlotte is quoted

    “That estimate is on the low end”, according to Thomas Dunn, a counterterrorism expert in Charlotte, N.C. Dunn, went one step further by saying “that Hezbollah probably operates cells in Charlotte, N.C.” When pressed for specific information Dunn declined to do that

    Declined to give specifics- red flag two
    Peter King is obviously red flag one- that guy is off his rocker

    claim of Hezbollah being verified via Youtube-
    but the guy says they are only investigating it and use cigarette smugglers as proof- come on!
    Arms smugglers, maybe, but cigarette smugglers?
    lots of spin, no proof

    "neither the FBI or Charlotte-Mecklenburg police will confirm that fact officially"

    why? because their credibility is on the line

    then an obvious muddying of the waters-transference and guilt by association

    “There is a substantial Shai (can't even spell correctly) community in the Carolinas”, says Derrick Schumer of Charlotte. “

    so what?! I come from a large Italian family but not one of them is mafia affilliated
    that kind of stuff is crap- it's perception management

    based on much assumption but very little reality

  4. btw: Peter King has a definite agenda he is always pushing
    that has to be considered always

  5. Hullo Pen,
    Sorry I slept in late cuz I was up late last night.
    Will try to address all your supremely astute comments.
    Yeah Peter King has ZERO credibility. I just move on when he enters the fray.
    I wish you were in my corner when I was on last week. I knew I was missing some opportunity to correct them. I DID say , after they hung up on me, that they were engaged in an alarmist fear mongering but that did not get on the air.
    There is definitely some hidden agenda in this demonization of Hezbollah(it is happening alot as you correctly indicated in all your examples), I was deeply disturbed by AJ's flowery imagination equating Hezbollah as some agent of Iran. That was flights of fancy. I wish I had gone after him on that.
    Thanks Pen your input is exquisitely valuable.

    1. Hey Peter
      you are doing alright, no worries there
      do you know how much 'guts' it takes to just call into that show!
      Him and mcafee were saying check the news reports
      sure, but news reports are not indicative of proof
      Not necessarily
      They can and often are just indicative of a political agenda
      What is with McAfee being on that show?
      The guy is wanted for murder and he is all parading around the alt media
      I don't know, sort of makes me think of Roman Polanski

      Not a surprise that AJ didn't air that point you were making about alarmist fear mongering,because, he is an alarmist fear mongerer. Is that a word? Oh well you know what I mean

      Thank You for having the courage to call in, that is something I rarely do. Called in to WRH show on RBN a couple of times, but, that is it

    2. Mike Rivero is more intimidating then AJ, sooo you are the brave one. I would like to hear you on Mike's show do you have any links?
      AJ is 80% of the time extremely good but every once in a while he does leave the reservation. THIS show with Mcafee AJ goes way off the reservation.
      In fact McAfee glowed with some kinda military industrial complex crew. The thuggish military body guard posing as "investigative"journalist stunk of military. I don't know if you listened to the end of that program, some hispanic boot licker came on later, who also reeked of military and proceeded to contradict my earlier points with the most OUTRAGEOUS sheit. you gotta go listen to him! really worth the guffaw. and Mcafee yucks it up with him saying, "you are ABSOLUTELY right" if it wasn't soo comical I might have been pissed off but it was just too absurd.
      oh well, I think I got some valid points across, simply and efficiently, that's all that counts,

    3. no, no links to any of my call in's on wrh
      called once about Syria and once about Ukraine
      If I do it again I will come and tell you so you can listen, but, I haven't stayed on long, just said what I had to and that was it

      Rivero is a bit intimidating, I agree
      I will give a listen to the end, but, I find McAfee really 'off' as in he give me a bad vibe

  6. Pen,
    @ 2:26:38 a good caller from a Canadian!! he insinuates that Belize, the former BRITISH HONDURAS, may have a role to play in McAfee's difficulties. This visibly makes McAfee squirm.And Mcafee defiantly rejects the implication.
    @2:49:35 is the oily Jonathen from Florida (the aforementioned Hispanic) ...hmmm Hispanics from Florida? geez maybe he is an anti Castro Cuban? One of JFK assassination fame ?His overt statements reflect that philosophy. I mean wow he declares," IRA and Hezbollah working on weapons of mass destruction"?? Where do they get these monsters?
    Mcafee and company.. surely military industrial complex stooges. McAfee staes early on his mother is British. It just really emits a foul odor the more I replay it.

  7. Peter, did you realize that at one point AJ says, while talking to you, and I am re-listening so I can quote exactly, give it a listen again and you will catch this
    He says wrt Hezbollah " People that have been fighting and beating Israeli's in Lebanon"

    Is he referring to the war or is he referring to Israeli infiltrators in Lebanon?

    It's an interesting statement

  8. Yeah, I do recall that Israeli reference. I think it was a generalized statement of Hezbollah's history of fighting Israel and generally beating them.

  9. Demonization of Hezbollah benefits ONLY Israeli's and their Globalist puppeteers, who IMHO, are primarily British banksters. (the old Cui bono?)

  10. no wait I will amend that and say what Gnostic Media Jan Irwin says, the Anglo American mighty Wurlitzer crowd.

  11. AJ states fallaciously that Hezbollah knows how to infiltrate. That is a flight of fancy! Hezbollah does not infiltrate Infiltration implies an offensive op. Hezbollah does not infiltrate into the Zionist entity . They defend their home turf and defend it well.

  12. Bottom line, Alex Jones reveals his op as one and the same as Fleet Street, tabloid journalism.. at least in this segment of his show.