Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John

Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John
Complete Explanation: Northern fears of European intervention in the Civil War on behalf of the South are manifest here. Uncle Sam, in the form of a bearded Union soldier (closely resembling Abraham Lincoln), unceremoniously routs John Bull from a fenced garden where the latter has been poaching. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, Sam warns, "John, You lost your Non-interfering Principle. I'll lay it on your back again." The American wields a large stick "Principle of Non Enterference." John Bull has a handful of cotton plants, more of which appear at right, and wears "Armstrong's Patent" cannon on his legs. (The term refers to a type of English-made gun used by the Confederates.) The artist has hidden several Negro faces in his drawings of cotton plants here. A cock with the head of French leader Napoleon III watches from his perch on the fence at left. At right stands a large scarecrow from whose arms hang the lifeless bodies of Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard and Confederate president Jefferson Davis. A plaque on the scarecrow reads, "All Persons Tresspassing These Premisses, will be punished according to Law." (click image for source)

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon
For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep to the slaughter. Romans 8:36

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker
Populist preacher William Jennings Bryan was thrice the Democratic nominee for President from 1896 -1908. The central theme of his anti-imperialist campaign was that America was falling into a trap of “financial servitude to British capital”.

Concord Battle-Ground

Concord Battle-Ground
Duty is a Mountain Death is a Feather


This blog is inspired by my grandfather's books from the 19th century. Within these books, are glimpses of a "fire in the spirit" that is all but lost in America today. The mettle/determination of a different era blazes throughout. The grotesque misinformation and disinformation that deluge our sources of knowledge today (the propaganda runs dark & deep), drove me to these 19th century texts. I was searching, desperately, for some unadulterated truths. I do think I found a few precious gems. Below, a few poems and excerpts from poems. The tragedies and injustices we witness today occurred in the past. The only difference is, today, few see. In the early days of the Republic, a disciplined and educated populace actively resisted despotism. This defiance to old world tyranny is readily identifiable in these poems. Dig the title, "crowned bloodsuckers". Do we see anything, even remotely, resembling such a ferocity of spirit today?
To John G. Palfrey ( LINK ) There are who triumph in a losing cause, Who can put on defeat, as 't were a wreath Unwithering in the adverse popular breath, Safe from the blasting demagogue's applause; 'Tis they who stand for freedom and God's laws. And so stands Palfrey now, as Marvell Stood, Loyal to Truth dethroned, nor could be wooed To trust the playful tiger's velvet paws: And if the second Charles brought in Decay Of ancient virtue, if it well might wring Souls that had broadened 'neath a noble day, To see a losel, marketable king Fearfully watering with his realm's best blood Cromwell's quenched bolts, that erst had cracked and flamed, Scaring, through all their depths of courtier mud, EUROPE"S CROWNED BLOODSUCKERS,___ how more ashamed Ought we to be, who see Corruptions flood Still rise o'er last years mark, to mine away Our brazen idol's feet of treacherous clay!
SUGGESTED BY THE GRAVES OF TWO ENGLISH SOLDIERS ON CONCORD BATTLE-GROUND. These men were brave enough, and true To the hired soldier's bull-dog creed; What brought them here they never knew, They fought as suits the English breed: They came three thousand miles, and died, To keep the PAST upon it's throne; Unheard, beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan.
Stanzas on Freedom MEN! whose boast it is that ye Come of fathers brave and free, if there breath on earth a slave,Are ye truly free and brave?If ye do not feel the chain,When it works a brother's pain,Are ye not base slaves indeed,Slaves unworthy to be freed?They are slaves who fear to speak For the fallen and the weak;They are slaves who will not choose Hatred,scoffing, and abuse,Rather than in silence shrink From the truth they needs must think;They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three.

The link ABOVE contains one of the Reverend Martin Luther King's most profound but most overlooked speeches. This speech, in all probability, got him assassinated. In it he deviated from civil rights to anti-war. This anti-war stanch upset the Military Industrial Complex.

(Of particular interest to me and relevance to this blog, is the inclusion of an excerpt from a James Russell Lowell poem that MLK so generously and warmly ended his powerful discourse with)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)
America's First ... and only Real Enemy: not the people of England, but British Monarchy.

Social Engineers Hard at it

Social Engineers Hard at it
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” — Dr. Michael Ellner

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)
Martyr's Innocence

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hizbullah Delegation Visits, Greets Christian Sects on Holidays

Hizbullah Delegation Visits, Greets Christian Sects on Holidays: Hizbullah Delegation Visits, Greets Christian Sects on Holidays
Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, valuing the openness and love expressed by Hizbullah towards all the Lebanese, especially the Christians. He also called upon the Lebanese people to avoid sectarian conflicts that are witnessed in the region

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Taglines:***Nature Teaches Beasts to Know Their Friends***
Yesterday, I had a visitor read a post from this blog that has enormous significance and enormous syncronicity.Someone from Atlanta, georgia read THIS The video at that link shows Bill Clinton, who is a Rockefeller surrogate, hob knobbing with his peeps. His peeps are tee vee heads. A really astounding display of elite(the high) ***beasts*** allied with proletariat(the low) ***beasts***.Former enemies tight as ticks. The hero of the video, the videographer(middle class), attempts to objectively intervene and is summarily dismissed/ejected. Alot like life,no? Thanks to you my Atlanta visitor for providing me with a stellar example of a contemporary Corialonus and how he works to destroy the middle class who he fears and dispises more then the easily manipulated and gullible(herded) lower classes(tee vee heads) who he deviously bamboozels and engineers their eventual destruction. That video is precious beyond discription.

By Eric Hynes Wednesday, Nov 30 2011

Updating Shakespeare seems doubly condescending, the implication being that we need help in relating to the text, and that the text needs to be made relevant. In the case of Ralph Fiennes's adaptation of Coriolanus—a knotty tragedy about a warrior who refuses to kowtow to the perceived inferiors who control his fate—the transposition to present day is confusing and counterproductive, dulling the impact of an otherwise fierce, often unbearably immediate production. (However remote{NOT!!} Rome in the fifth century BC might be, it can't be as disorienting as a modern urban sniper fight that culminates in a mano-a-mano, "Beat It"–style blade tussle.) What saves the film is actor Fiennes's steadfastness to the character of Caius Martius Coriolanus, an irreducible anti-hero balancing a defiant integrity with damning pride. Fiennes doesn't understate the general's monstrosity—he sports frightful facial scars and barks at commoners through exaggeratedly pursed lips—but his physicality complements rather than obscures the Bard's blunt dialogue. ("Make you a sword of me." "Anger's my meat.") As blood rival Tullus Aufidius, Gerard Butler's all surface, a beard with a Scottish brogue, leaving Brian Cox and Vanessa Redgrave to remind us how it's done. They make every line seem personally conceived, surprising yet inevitable, and in the process reaffirm that exquisitely articulated words are where the drama is.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hezbollah identifies undercover CIA officers in Lebanon in dangerous spy war - The Washington Post

Hezbollah identifies undercover CIA officers in Lebanon in dangerous spy war - The Washington Post: Hezbollah identifies undercover CIA officers in Lebanon in dangerous spy war
The agency does not, as a rule, address spurious claims from terrorist groups,” CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood said. “I think it’s worth remembering that Hezbollah is a dangerous organization, with al-Manar as its propaganda arm. That fact alone should cast some doubt on the credibility of the group’s claims.”

Who is the terrorist group?
CIA targeting Hezbullah's Nasrallah with assassination is clearly terrorism. Imagine if Hezbullah was inside the USA doing similar work.
If Hezbullah is a terroist group then the CIA is a terror group on steroids.
Jennifer's topsey turvey "spin"/PROPAGANDA boggles the brain.
Again, up is down, black is white, war is peace and ignorance is strength. The Orwellian doublespeak really really confounds.

Fadlalah: Resistance Heavily Stroke CIA, What is Unveiled only A Little of what we Uncover

Fadlalah: Resistance Heavily Stroke CIA, What is Unveiled only A Little of what we Uncover: Fadlalah: Resistance Heavily Stroke CIA, What is Unveiled only A Little of what we Uncover
"The priorities of the American and "Israeli" intelligence in Lebanon are to target and strike the resistance," Fadlallah added noting that the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a permanent target of these intelligence services."

CIA assassins targeting Hezbollah's leaders!!!! Black ops of terrorism!!!! So...... who are the REAL terrorists?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Billionaire Prokhorov to Challenge Putin for Russian Presidency - Businessweek

Billionaire Prokhorov to Challenge Putin for Russian Presidency - Businessweek: Billionaire Prokhorov to Challenge Putin for Russian Presidency
December 12, 2011, 7:58 AM EST

Here's a MSM (main stream media) piece that strengthens my conviction of Putin's independence from the neo- imperial/globalist crowd.

Billionaire Prokhorov is,***the New Jersey Nets basketball team owner *** (Billions stolen from hard working Russians who have overwhelmingly voted for Putin). Putin has restored economic integrity(the Russian economy flourishes as never before) and is rewarded . CONVERESLY, this Prokhprov, is obviously a western stooge intent on economic plunder of Russian resources and raw material.The Russian people know the difference between the two.That is why Putin emerged victorious in this latest election.

How fitting that this globalist crowd uses a "bread and circus" ' guy to front for them. (Srely, a professional basketball team represents the circus element).
Meanwhile western main stream media pumps the gullible herd with grotestque lies of Putin's unpopularity when the opposite is the truth. More black is white and up is down.Ignorance is strength and war is peace. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Don't Have Fear Of Those Bastards, I Wanna Expose Them All (Louis Farrakhan)

savethemales.ca - "Bullying" is Another Illuminati Psy-op

savethemales.ca - "Bullying" is Another Illuminati Psy-op: "Bullying" is Another Illuminati Psy-op
Gay kids are being portrayed as a persecuted minority. Anyone who takes exception to the media and government drive to make us all experiment with homosexuality is being set up as a "bully" or "hater."

"Lady" Gag wants to make "bullying" a "hate crime." Anyone who turns down a homosexual overture will be suspected of "hate." Did you know many homosexuals prefer heterosexuals?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Turkish Intelligence Informed Syrians of Plan to Assassinate Assad

Turkish Intelligence Informed Syrians of Plan to Assassinate Assad: Turkish Intelligence Informed Syrians of Plan to Assassinate Assad
“Eliot Abrams, the US National Security Advisor, has published an article on the 24th of November in the Foreign Policy magazine, in which he talked about the assassination, considering it one of the major possible ways to end Al-Assad regime,”