Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John

Uncle Sam protecting his property against the encroachments of his cousin John
Complete Explanation: Northern fears of European intervention in the Civil War on behalf of the South are manifest here. Uncle Sam, in the form of a bearded Union soldier (closely resembling Abraham Lincoln), unceremoniously routs John Bull from a fenced garden where the latter has been poaching. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, Sam warns, "John, You lost your Non-interfering Principle. I'll lay it on your back again." The American wields a large stick "Principle of Non Enterference." John Bull has a handful of cotton plants, more of which appear at right, and wears "Armstrong's Patent" cannon on his legs. (The term refers to a type of English-made gun used by the Confederates.) The artist has hidden several Negro faces in his drawings of cotton plants here. A cock with the head of French leader Napoleon III watches from his perch on the fence at left. At right stands a large scarecrow from whose arms hang the lifeless bodies of Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard and Confederate president Jefferson Davis. A plaque on the scarecrow reads, "All Persons Tresspassing These Premisses, will be punished according to Law." (click image for source)

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon

American Lambs Subdued by Europe's Demon
For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep to the slaughter. Romans 8:36

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker

The Federal Reserve as Crowned Bloodsucker
Populist preacher William Jennings Bryan was thrice the Democratic nominee for President from 1896 -1908. The central theme of his anti-imperialist campaign was that America was falling into a trap of “financial servitude to British capital”.

Concord Battle-Ground

Concord Battle-Ground
Duty is a Mountain Death is a Feather


This blog is inspired by my grandfather's books from the 19th century. Within these books, are glimpses of a "fire in the spirit" that is all but lost in America today. The mettle/determination of a different era blazes throughout. The grotesque misinformation and disinformation that deluge our sources of knowledge today (the propaganda runs dark & deep), drove me to these 19th century texts. I was searching, desperately, for some unadulterated truths. I do think I found a few precious gems. Below, a few poems and excerpts from poems. The tragedies and injustices we witness today occurred in the past. The only difference is, today, few see. In the early days of the Republic, a disciplined and educated populace actively resisted despotism. This defiance to old world tyranny is readily identifiable in these poems. Dig the title, "crowned bloodsuckers". Do we see anything, even remotely, resembling such a ferocity of spirit today?
To John G. Palfrey ( LINK ) There are who triumph in a losing cause, Who can put on defeat, as 't were a wreath Unwithering in the adverse popular breath, Safe from the blasting demagogue's applause; 'Tis they who stand for freedom and God's laws. And so stands Palfrey now, as Marvell Stood, Loyal to Truth dethroned, nor could be wooed To trust the playful tiger's velvet paws: And if the second Charles brought in Decay Of ancient virtue, if it well might wring Souls that had broadened 'neath a noble day, To see a losel, marketable king Fearfully watering with his realm's best blood Cromwell's quenched bolts, that erst had cracked and flamed, Scaring, through all their depths of courtier mud, EUROPE"S CROWNED BLOODSUCKERS,___ how more ashamed Ought we to be, who see Corruptions flood Still rise o'er last years mark, to mine away Our brazen idol's feet of treacherous clay!
SUGGESTED BY THE GRAVES OF TWO ENGLISH SOLDIERS ON CONCORD BATTLE-GROUND. These men were brave enough, and true To the hired soldier's bull-dog creed; What brought them here they never knew, They fought as suits the English breed: They came three thousand miles, and died, To keep the PAST upon it's throne; Unheard, beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan.
Stanzas on Freedom MEN! whose boast it is that ye Come of fathers brave and free, if there breath on earth a slave,Are ye truly free and brave?If ye do not feel the chain,When it works a brother's pain,Are ye not base slaves indeed,Slaves unworthy to be freed?They are slaves who fear to speak For the fallen and the weak;They are slaves who will not choose Hatred,scoffing, and abuse,Rather than in silence shrink From the truth they needs must think;They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three.

The link ABOVE contains one of the Reverend Martin Luther King's most profound but most overlooked speeches. This speech, in all probability, got him assassinated. In it he deviated from civil rights to anti-war. This anti-war stanch upset the Military Industrial Complex.

(Of particular interest to me and relevance to this blog, is the inclusion of an excerpt from a James Russell Lowell poem that MLK so generously and warmly ended his powerful discourse with)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)

Crowned Vampires in Action (below)
America's First ... and only Real Enemy: not the people of England, but British Monarchy.

Social Engineers Hard at it

Social Engineers Hard at it
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” — Dr. Michael Ellner

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)

Common Law Common Sense (Fear the Righteous)
Martyr's Innocence

Monday, September 26, 2016


Aangirfan: TRUMP IN BED WITH NETANYAHU: On 25 September 2016, Donald Trump met Netanyahu at Trump Tower in New York. Donald Trump is now opposed to a two-state solution , which...

 can ya'll handle  trhe truth??

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Aangirfan: LUNCH WITH JULIAN ASSANGE: Julian Assange at school. I meet Julian at Palace Green in Kensington and we have lunch in a private dining room overlooking Kensington...



Charlatans  playing to the  gallery.  Halls of mirrors. Real outsiders   get no media  coverage.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Obama's legacy

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Obama's legacy

"The Obama administration has signed a $38 billion military aid pact with Israel in what the State Department boasts is the “single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in US history.”  The
record agreement will provide Israel with $3.8 billion annually over 10
years beginning in 2019, up from $3.1 billion under the current deal.  
At a time when the US government supposedly can’t afford to provide poor and working Americans with basic services like universal health care – something Israelis enjoy – it is striking that there is always money available to enable Israel’s ongoing destruction of Palestine.  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has expressed opposition to universal health care and free college tuition, cheered the aid deal.  “Senator
[Tim] Kaine and I applaud the agreement on a new memorandum of
understanding regarding American security assistance to Israel,” said
Clinton in a statement released by her campaign.  
also used the deal as an opportunity to saber-rattle against Iran, show
off her military hawkishness against ISIS and reiterate her commitment
to combating growing activism against Israel’s criminal conduct, which
Israel refers to as “delegitimization.”  
agreement will help solidify and chart a course for the US-Israeli
defense relationship in the 21st century as we face a range of common
challenges, from Iran’s destabilizing activities to the threats from
ISIS and radical jihadism, and efforts to delegitimize Israel on the
world stage,” she said, reiterating her
 January promise to “take our relationship to the next level.”"

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Secret Sun: Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers IV

The Secret Sun: Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers IV: By 1969, Hell had well and truly broken loose in America.  A deeply-divisive and increasingly futile war, assassinations and concurr...

excellent read  this

Friday, September 9, 2016

incapable of further resistance.


Been away for a  while.
This is a good read.
Psychology of  slave masters  is a very  good thing to learn.
****War is thus an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.***

Because they all traffic in breaking the will of those that resist them.****


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ghostbusters (1/8) Movie CLIP - Venkman's ESP Test (1984) HD

Revelation of the method! How  B F Skinner's brand  of Psychology rigs the system. Strong willed are  crushed,  weak willed  succeed. Masonic infestation's  everywhere,  especially the educational system.

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: “21st-century McCarthyism,”: banning BDS

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: “21st-century McCarthyism,”: banning BDS

York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a pro-Israel executive order on Sunday
that will punish people and groups who support a boycott of Israel on
behalf of Palestinian human rights. Legal experts have described this
long pending anti-boycott policy as “21st-century McCarthyism,” warning
it would effectively create a discriminatory “blacklist” of Palestinian
human rights advocates who endorse boycotts like those organized in
order to combat U.S.-backed apartheid in South Africa."

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Supporting pedophiles if they belong to the right ...

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Supporting pedophiles if they belong to the right ...

An-Nahar, among other voices of the right-wing sectarian Christian and racist media of the Lebanon, are publicly defending
Father Mansour Labaki, who was found guilty of pedopholia by France and
the Vatican.  The Maronite church sentenced the priest to rest at a
mountain resort. I kid you not.  The defenders are basically saying:
yes, he molested children but he also sang to his victims.  

Monday, May 30, 2016

Irrelevant colonies in the fringe of the AngloZionist Empire

First on this list is, obviously, the conquest by NATO of all of Eastern Europe. I speak of conquest because that is exactly what it is, but a conquest achieved according to the rules of 21st century warfare which I define as “80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military”. Yes, I know, the good folks of Eastern Europe were just dreaming of being subjugated by the US/NATO/EU/etc – but so what? Anyone who has read Sun Tzu will immediately recognize that this deep desire to be ‘incorporated’ into the AngloZionist “Borg” is nothing else but the result of a crushed self-identity, a deep-seated inferiority complex and, thus, a surrender which did not even have to be induced by military means. At the end of the day, it makes no difference what the locals thought they were achieving – they are now subjects of the Empire and their countries more or less irrelevant colonies in the fringe of the AngloZionist Empirehttp://thesaker.is/how-russia-is-preparing-for-wwiii/

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Most Folks Don't Like the Truth If It Is Unpleasant

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Tel Aviv: or over the ruins of the prosperous city...

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Tel Aviv: or over the ruins of the prosperous city...:

Tel Aviv: or over the ruins of the prosperous city of Jaffa

Rotbard chips away at the façade of his birthplace. He describes how
Tel Aviv supplanted Jaffa’s Arab-owned orange groves, and goes on to
explain how, in the violent birth of Israel in 1947-48, Jewish
paramilitary fighters overpowered and subsequently largely levelled the
city from which it had sprung. His tale of Tel Aviv’s growth from a
Jaffa suburb founded in 1909 to a metropolis whose population grew
20-fold in the 1920s is gripping.

inhabitants, he writes, were for the most part adolescent Jewish men
who were no less ideological than today’s settlers. Even their methods
were often the same. Their fortified outposts interrupted Arab
contiguity. Their first bypass, Allenby Street, today a spine through
the city, ran around Jaffa’s perimeter. It gave Tel Aviv access to the
sea, but also reduced Jaffa to an enclave that was in effect cut off
from its Palestinian hinterland.
November 1947 the UN published its plan for dividing Palestine into an
Arab and a Jewish state. Jaffa was made a Palestinian island within
Jewish boundaries. In the fighting that followed, paramilitaries
commanded by Menachem Begin, a Tel Avivan who later became Israel’s
prime minister, rolled barrel bombs down the alleyways into Jaffa’s
cafés and fired mortars into residential districts. By the time Israel
declared independence on May 14th 1948, prompting Arab armies to move
in, Jews had chased Jaffa’s Arabs out of the city, leaving less than a
20th of the population behind. Many were forced to escape by sea. For
the first time in 5,000 years, Mr Rotbard goes on, Jaffa “ceased to
exist as an urban and cultural entity”. Much of the Arab medina was
bulldozed and grassed over. Some monuments, including mosques and
Crusader-era buildings, were preserved, but walking through Jaffa today
you would never know that it had once been Palestine’s Arab economic and
cultural centre.
officials treated Jaffa as a repository for institutions like the
police headquarters, jails and rubbish dumps, as well as unpopular
people such as migrant workers. Later, whole districts were paved and
turned into car parks. “Cities like Hiroshima, Dresden and Berlin all
suffered exorbitant damage during World War II but each emerged from the
dust-clouds of conflict intact, even vibrant urban entities,” the
author writes, whereas Jaffa, he claims, was eradicated like Troy."